Table of Contents

 Table of Contents of Pharma Calculation

Pharma Manufacturing RATING
Potency or Assay Calculation of API 9.0
Batch Size Calculation 8.5
Batch Yield Calculation 8.0
Batch Reconciliation Calculation 8.0
Machine Capicity Calculation 8.0
IPC Calculation
LOD Calculation 8.0
Bulk Density and Tapped Density 8.0
Disintegration Test Limits 8.5
Weight Variation Calculation 9.0
Powder Flow Rate Calculation 8.5
Analytical Calculation
Signal to Noise Ratio Calculation 9.0
Peak to Valley Ratio Calculation 9.0
Peak Resolution Calculation 8.0
Retention Factor Calculation 8.0
Tailing Factor Calculation 7.5
F1 & F2 Value Calculation 8.5
Clinical Pharmacy Calculation
Drug Dose Calculation 9.0
Rate of Flow Calculation 8.0
Creatinine Clearance Calculation 8.0
Cardiac Output Calculation 7.5
Volume of Distribution of Urea 8.5
Pharmacokinetics Calculation 8.5
Pharmacy Technician Calculation
Dilution and Concentration Calculation 9.0
Ratio and Proportion Calculation 9.0
Percentage Calculation 8.5
Reducing and Enlarging Formula 8.5
Questions and Answers 8.0
Pharma Engineering Calculation
F0 Value Calculation 8.5
Scale-up Technique 8.5
Heat Transfer Process 8.0
Mixing Process 7.5
SPI Calculation 7.5
Process Capability Index (CpK) Calculation 7.5
Fitness Calculation
BMI Calculation 9.0
Waist to Hip Ratio Calculation 9.0
Fat free Mass Calculation 8.0
Ideal Body Weight Calculation 8.0

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