Burn Injury Fluid Resuscitation Calculation Formula

Ringer’s lactate is the main fluid for resuscitation of acute burns. It is largely used in aggressive volume resuscitation from blood loss or burn injuries. It is also a great fluid for aggressive fluid replacement in many clinical situations, including sepsis and acute pancreatitis. 

It can be calculated by Modified Brooke crystalloid estimate:

Lactated Ringers (ml/hr) = (2 × Weight in kg × Percent Burn) / 24

For example, 

If the patient weight is 65 kg and percent burn is 2.5% then the Lactated Ringers rate will be 

Lactated Ringers = (2 × 65 × 2.5)/24 = 13.54 ml/hr


  • No attempt should be made to administer the calculated amount of fluid in the first 36 hours.
  • This is only a guide to resuscitation.

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