Apparent Density, True Density, and Bulkiness Calculation Formula

Apparent density (ρa) is the relationship between the mass and volume of the material, including pores and water content.

The apparent density (ρa) is calculated by = weight of the sample ÷ V (bulk)

True density (ρ) is the mass of a particle divided by its volume, without considering pores in the material (excluding open and closed pores).

The true density (ρ) is calculated expressed by = weight of the sample ÷ V (true)

The bulkiness (B) is the reciprocal of the apparent density.

Therefore, B = 1/ Apparent density (ρa)


A selected powder has a true density (ρ) of 3.5 g/cc. Experimentally, 2.5 g of the powder measures 40 mL in a cylindrical graduate. Calculate the apparent density and bulkiness.

We know that,

Apparent density (ρa) = weight of the sample ÷ V (bulk) = 2.5 ÷ 40 = 0.0625 g/ml

We know also,

Bulkiness = = 1/ Apparent density (ρa) = 1/0.0625 = 16 ml/g.

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