Commonly Used Interpretation of Cpk Values

1) Cpk < 1.00: This indicates that the process is not capable of consistently producing products within the specified tolerance limits. It suggests a high potential for producing out-of-specification products. In such cases, immediate action should be taken to identify and address the sources of process variation, improve the process, and bring it within an acceptable range.

2) 1.00 ≤ Cpk < 1.33: While this range suggests that the process is capable of producing within the specification limits, it may be relatively close to the tolerance limits. Actions should still be taken to investigate the sources of variation and implement process improvements to enhance process capability and move towards a higher Cpk value.

3) 1.33 ≤ Cpk < 1.67: This range indicates that the process is capable of producing within the specification limits, providing a reasonable margin to account for variations. While the process is considered acceptable, there is still room for improvement. Efforts can be focused on optimizing the process, reducing variability, and increasing process capability.

4) Cpk ≥ 1.67: A Cpk value in this range signifies a highly capable process with a substantial margin between the process mean and specification limits. It indicates a low likelihood of producing out-of-specification products. However, continuous monitoring and improvement efforts should still be undertaken to maintain and enhance the process capability.

Remember that the specific Cpk ranges and corresponding actions may vary across industries and organizations. It is crucial to refer to industry-specific guidelines, regulatory requirements, and internal quality standards to determine the appropriate interpretation and actions for your specific situation. Additionally, collaboration with quality control experts, statisticians, and subject matter experts within your organization can provide valuable insights and guidance for evaluating process capability and determining the necessary actions.

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