LDL and VLDL Calculation

There are five major groups of lipoproteins (chylomicrons, VLDL, IDL, LDL, and HDL). Where LDL stands for low-density lipoprotein and VLDL stands for very-low-density lipoprotein.

LDL Calculation Formula

We can calculate LDL using Friedewald's equation:

LDL = TC - HDL – (0.2 × TG)


LDL-C (mg/dL) = total cholesterol – HDL-C – (triglycerides/5)

Where, TC = total cholesterol, HDL = high-density lipoprotein, TG = triglycerides.

LDL Cholesterol Normal Range

  • Less than 100 mg/dL (3.4 mmol/L)

VLDL Calculation Formula

We can calculate VLDL using Friedewald's equation:

VLDL = Triglycerides / 5

VLDL normal range

  • Normal VLDL levels range from 2 mg/dL to 30 mg/dL (0.1 mmol/L to 1.7 mmol/L).

Total Cholesterol Calculation Formula

Total cholesterol (TC) = LDL + HDL + VLDL. [Where VLDL ≅ TG/5]

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